“For the pleasure of reading”: a biography of Beatriz de Moura by Juan Cruz

Probably it is not a biography in a strict sense, Juan Cruz’ Por el gusto de leer. Beatriz de Moura, editora por vocación [For the pleasure of reading. Beatriz de Moura, editor by vocation], a result of conversations with de Moura (Rio de Janeiro, 1939), the recently retired editorial director of Tusquets publishing house.

The publisher’s summary:

Juan Cruz presents a large conversation on the professional experience and vicissitudes of Beatriz de Moura, founder and editor of Tusquets during 45 years. In this conversation there are narrated the origins, difficulties and successes of putting together a catalogue and sustaining it during decades.  There is drawn an unusual editorial path in our tradition, that is born from a vocation but also from a taste for reading. What caused this catalogue to “look” like the young woman that at the end of the 1960s decided to start this adventure? This books explains the key factors and at the same time draws a first person approximation at the recent literary and cultural history.

Carles Geli, in El País, summarizes de Moura’s successful career as a combination of hard work, a good ear (instinct) and a pinch of luck.

A short biography of Juan Cruz (Puerto de la Cruz, 1948) can be found here.

SOURCE: El País, Nov. 18, 2014; Tusquets


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