Snippet: Toni Hill’s lovers from Hiroshima

The third and final part of Hill’s crime trilogy recently reached the bookstores, Los amantes de Hiroshima [The lovers from Hiroshima].

The publisher’s summary:

May 2011. In an abandoned house near the airport the police discovers two corpses wrapped in a flower shroud. Embraced. Buried next to a heap of money. It could be a young couple that disappeared seven years earlier. After a venturesome and mediatic trial, the case was shut erroneously. Héctor Salgado and his team take up the investigation, a puzzle with too many leads. At the same time, in the main squares of the country the indignados [“occupy”] make it their aim to finally reveal the power’s real face. Héctor, closer than ever to the police officer Leire Castro in his search for his exwife, has to dig where he never imagined he would have to dig, until he reaches the dark origin of Ruth’s disappearance, until he gets to a truth of tragic and unpredictable consequences.

The two earlier novels of the Héctor Salgado series are available in English, The Summer of Dead Toys: A Thriller and The Good Suicides: A Thriller. This blogger read the first one and liked it.

More information on Toni Hill (Barcelona, 1966), though slightly dated, can be found at the Wikipedia.

SOURCE: El País, November 19, 2014; Penguin Random House


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