Snippet: Portugal Telecom literary prizes 2014

Given the sponsor’s name one could think they were awarded in Portugal, but the Grande Prémio Portugal Telecom are for works published in Brazil, though one of the 2014 laureates is Portuguese. The prize for the best novel went to Sérgio Rodrigues (Muriaé, Brazil, 1962) for O Drible [The dribble], for best poetry to Gastão (Santana Franco da) Cruz (Faro, Portugal, 1941) for Observação de Verão Seguido de Fogo [Observation of summer followed by fire], and best story collection to Everardo Norões (Crato, Brazil, 1944; examples of poetry) for Entre Moscas [Among flies].

The winning novel “tells the story of a former sports journalist who, at 80, at life’s end, decides to reconnect to his son to whom he hasn’t spoken in 20 years. Little by little, the old father who lived the golden years of Brazilian soccer weaves the rapprochement with his son, sharing with him during their Sunday’s fisheries the stories of the great Brazilian soccer stars of his time.”

The novel has already been translated into Spanish and published with the title El regate [The dribble]. Rodrigues’ English homepage is very informative. One learns that an earlier of Rodrigues’ novels is available in English: Elza, the girl.

SOURCE: Diário de Notícias, Dec. 9, 2014

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