Snippet: Elvira Lindo as (self-) publisher

The writer Elvira Lindo (Cádiz, 1962; Wikipedia) is also a publisher now. Earlier in December she presented the new label Lindo&Espinosa (official website; Ximo Espinosa of Oficio Ediciones is the other namegiver) and her first work as author cum publisher, Memphis-Lisboa [Memphis-Lisbon]: a selection of 24 photos and short texts that originated during travels with her husband, the writer Antonio Muñoz Molina (Úbeda, 1956; Wikipedia), when the latter prepared his latest novel, Como la sombra que se va [Like the shadow that disappears], on James Earl Ray, MLK’s assassin [there will be a separate post].

The title is a good example of what the new label is aiming at: projects in which the visual part – be it photos or other illustrations – and the text share the same importance. Books as artisanal products in which one can appreciate the publisher’s love for the contents and the form, for the book as object.

The next two projects are a poetry selection accompanied by naif illustrations by Aitor Saraiba (Talavera de la Reina, 1983; homepage), and Paseo por el Hudson [Hudson walk] with texts by Antonio Muñoz Molina [again].

SOURCE: El País, Dec. 17, 2014


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