Portuguese non-fiction for 2015

“The essay is back to help us make sense of a disconcerting world all around us,” thus one could summarize the introduction of the article inspiring this post. Thomas Picketty has been published in Portuguese and found his readers, but there are also home-grown authors that will be published in Portugal during 2015.

One of them, already with an extended work at his publisher Gradiva, is Edouardo Lourenço (Almeida, 1923; Wikipedia stub). The following titles have been announced: Do Brasil: Fascínio e Miragem [From Brazil: fascination and mirage] this month; Sobre a Pintura [On Painting] in March; Salazar como Questão [Salazar as Issue] in May; Requiem por Alguns Vivos [Requiem for some who are alive] in July; O Cinema como Mitologia Cultural [Cinema as cultural mythology] in September; Estudos Camonianos [Camões studies – provisional title] in November.

February will see O Estranhíssimo Colosso [The strangest coloss], a biography of Agostinho da Silva (1906-1994), written by António Cândido Franco.

In May, the fifth volume of História de Portugal – Os Filipes [History of Portugal – the “filipes”] by António Borges Coelho (Murça, 1928) will get to the stores. For September or October has been announced Diários da Prisão [Prison diaries] by Luandino Vieira (Lagoa de Furadouro, 1938; Wikipedia).

To commemorate the centenary of the magazine Orpheu, there will be published 1915, o Ano do Orpheu [1915, the year of Orpheu]. There were only published two numbers of this magazine, and now there will be a fascimile edition.

As this blog deals with Iberian authors, one could mention that the Spanish author Rosa Montero’s A Ridícula ideia de não voltar e ver-te [The ridiculous idea of not going to see you again] in which she deals with the loss of her spouse, will also be published in Portugal.

SOURCE: Público, January 16, 2015


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