Snippet: Francesc Serés, contemporary Catalan writer

This blogger liked the short stories by Francesc Serés (Saidí, 1972) that he used to read regularly in a newspaper weekend supplement, though he doesn’t remember which… A self-presentation by and bibliographical information on the author can be found at “LletrA – Catalan literature online“. WORDS without BORDERS offers two stories as examples of Serés’ writing, The Massachusetts Review (Dec. 2014) this one. In 2013, the book Russian Stories came out in English, translated by Peter Bush (as most of the Catalans published in English). The two readers who left comments at either haven’t understood the work, or are not happy anyway with the work and/or its translation… maybe this blogger should read it too, to have an informed opinion.

The Catalan Wikipedia lists these works:

  • 2000 — Els ventres de la terra [The earth’s stomachs]
  • 2001 — L’arbre sense tronc [The tree without trunk]
  • 2002 — Una llengua de plom [A tongue of lead]
  • 2003 — De fems i de marbres [Of manure and marbles]
  • 2006 — La força de la gravetat [Gravity’s force]
  • 2007 — La matèria primera [The raw material]
  • 2008 — Caure amunt. Muntaner, Llull, Roig [To fall upwards. Muntaner, Llull, Roig]
  • 2009 — various authors, Matar en Barcelona (antologia de relats) [To kill in Barcelona, anthology of short stories]
  • 2009 — Contes russos [Russian Stories]
  • 2010 — El llarg viatge d’A [A’s long journey]
  • 2012 — Mossegar la poma [To bite the apple]
  • 2014 — La pell de la frontera [The border’s skin]

SOURCE: Wikipedia


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