Snippet: Ramon Llull prize 2015 to Xavier Bosch

The writer and journalist Xavier Bosch (Barcelona, 1967) is the winner of this year’s Ramon Llull prize of Catalan letters (endowed with 60.000,- EUR) for his novel Algú com tu [Someone like you].

El País offers the following summary:

The chronicle is the reconstruction of a love story between Jean-Pierre Zanardi, an art dealer of the Rive Gauche, and Paulina Homs, a woman from Barcelona with a quiet family life who one day comes to Paris for the wedding of one of her cousins. Between the two emerges a love, with four days of intensive relations, that will mark them for ever and that Gina, Paulina’s daughter, discovers many years later, after her mother’s death, through the words written in the couple’s letters.

The publisher offers this synopsis in English.

The novel will be published in Catalan, Spanish and French.

SOURCE: El País, Feb. 6, 2015

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