Snippet: Llucia Ramis, contemporary Majorcan author, on life in Barcelona before the crisis

This blogger just finished her 2008 debut novel, Things That Happen to You in Barcelona When You’re Thirty, and liked it (though the follow up, Egosurfing, is better, not translated into English (yet)). Llucia Ramis (Palma, 1977; Wikipedia) gives a vivid portrait of life as a 30 year old in Barcelona immediately before the economic crisis that still endures in 2015. The narrator and her friends still have jobs, though precarious, and some of them think about buying or really buy apartments of their own. They spent a lot of time in cafés and picturesque places around Barcelona, and they realize that they are not really young any longer, their parents expect them to have (grand-)children, and they fear committing to anything…

There are many references to Barcelona, such as the following one

Barcelona is different. Barcelona is many cities in one and it keeps changing, even when you are not looking. It is indifferent to you, your state of mind, and the light. Ever expanding, like an enormous being covered in lumps that grow anarchically, Barcelona realizes that her plastic surgery –also known as the construction industry– has left her in a mess. (ch. 3, found on Google Books)

A nice peculiarity of the original version is that it is written in the Majorcan variety of Catalan.


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