Snippet: “Ana de Amsterdam” by Ana Cássia Rebelo

An irresistible mix of attributes though this blogger doesn’t know (yet) how she writes: Ana Cássia Rebelo, a mother of three in her forties, a lawyer and a bloggeress. A number of articles of her blog (since 2006) have now been selected, in cooperation with the writer and literary critic João Pedro George (Moçambique, 1972; PhD Sociology of Cultures), and published in a homonymous book, Ana de Amsterdam (Quetzal ed., Feb. 2015).

The title comes from a song written by Chico Buarque (Rio de Janeiro, 1944; Wikipedia). Cássia Rebelo says she learned her concise and precise writing while creating legal texts. She writes openly about (women’s) issues that others shy away from. As her influences she names Virginia Woolf and Maria Judite de Carvalho (Lisbon, 1921-1998; Wikipedia stub).

According to the reviews, the selected articles of the book mainly treat the following topics: loneliness, desire, family, space in the suburbs and the city, oneself’s body and somebody else’s. Other keywords given are depression, anxiety, apathy and therapy.

Cássia Rebelo wrote her first blog in 2003, entitled Alice no País dos Matraquilhos (Alice in the land of table football), later Pano-Cru (unbleached cloth), and still later 2.º Andar Direito (2nd floor right). All the blog names refer to songs by Sérgio Godinho (Porto, 1945; Wikipedia). This blogger has not been able to find these old blogs…

“An intimate (and ferociously honest) diary of a woman of our times.” (publisher)

A quite intensive book to judge from the articles at the source.

SOURCE: Público, Público (2), Feb. 13, 2015; Quetzal

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