Bologna Children’s Book Fair: one award and one honorable mention for Portuguese authors

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair (30 March – 02 April 2015; official website) has already published the winners’ list of this years BolognaRagazzi awards.

In the OPERA PRIMA category the prize goes to a team of Portuguese authors:

This section was established five years ago to shine a spotlight on young talent. Every year boasts an increasing number of entries of extraordinary quality thanks to the work of the world’s top schools of illustration and the careful eye of publishers on the lookout for new talent. The winner of the section Opera Prima 2015 is “Là Fora- Um Guia para Descobrir a Natureza” by Maria Ana Peixe Dias & Inês Teixeira do Rosário/Bernardo P. Carvalho, published by Planeta Tangerina, Portugal.

The daily Público offers this summary:

Lá Fora – um guia para descobrir a natureza [Out there – a guide to discovering nature], the first work of the biologists Maria Dias and Inês Rosário, is an informative book that invites parents and children, children and adults to leave home and enter the nature around them, be it in the city, or be it in the countryside.

Profusely illustrated by Bernardo Carvalho [Lisbon, 1973; more info], the book is divided into chapters devoted to birds and mammals, reptiles, to flowers, the sky or the sea, the beach and the tide pools, but also to little animals living in gardens and backyards.

In addition to the descriptions of the types of landscape that can be found in Portugal – forests, woods, mountains, cliffs, ponds, reservoirs – the guide provides detailed information about animals and plants, gives indications of what to wear and take when exploring nature and includes activities for young people.

Planeta Tangerina’s website offers an introductory video.

According to her publisher, an honorable mention for a book in the same category went to Madalena Moniz (homepage) for Hoje sento-me… [Today I feel …], an alphabet-book on feelings, sorted from A to Z. Each word is accompanied by illustrations which complement the interpretation of each of the choices of feelings (more information and examples can be found here and here).

SOURCE: Público, Feb. 17, 2015; Bologna Fiere; Planeta Tangerina (publisher)


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