Snippet: FATBOTTOM, graphic bookstore (Barcelona)

“Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia‘s culture supplement describes the bookstore like this:

Graphic paradise

Fatbottom is a bookstore, a space for exhibitions, and the place where everybody needs to go who likes graphic creation and DIY. Placed on Lluna street, Fatbottom responds to its owner’s, Nico, desire to offer everything that he himself would like to find in a store since the bang of the so called boom in selfpublishing: imported products of small publishers, originals, artists’ serigraphies and imprints, and a wide sampling of selfpublishing. In 2010 Nico opened this store tailored to his taste. The concept required to welcome everybody who would like to put on sale their publications: at Fatbottom one finds comics, fanzines, magazines or pasquines wrapped into cigarette packets, folded into accordion, printed on ricepaper, inside hand-painted envelopes, put into matchboxes… The dozens of solutions one encounters at Fatbottom make this store the paradise of selfpublishing. In the city of design [original italics, meant is Barcelona] all the art schools and design centers should have a mandatory stop in this store: because it is a stop at reality, to go ahead with an idea using the means at hand. We live in an upturn of comic and graphic stores as exhibition and meeting spaces. Fatbottom is one of these commissioned bookstores [original italics], twinned conceptually with Arkham or Loring Art. These booksellers tend to make of their stores places of cultural production and exhibition, expelling the icy protocol of typical art galleries. Fatbottom arises as a necessity of cultural consumption and as an example showing that design and wit do not exclusively produce a spark where there’s the trademark stamp of Barcelona.

Homepage: Fatbottom

SOURCE: Mery Cuesta, “Cultura/s”, no. 662, La Vanguardia, 28 Feb. 2015, p. 18 [printed edition]


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