Snippet: Jordi Nopca’s “Come home”

Jordi Nopca (Barcelona, 1983), Puja a casa [Come home]; his second book, a collection of ten stories about contemporary dilemmas. Documenta prize 2014.

The publisher’s summary:

A graduate of Art History who works in a shopping center and is captivated by a customer who brings her cups of hot chocolate; a dogs’ hairdresser who tries to overcome a failed love; a writer and his usual translator have dinner in a restaurant without being able to dissimulate old and new tensions; a middle-aged couple plans a trip to Switzerland that will have a sinister ending; a man of Chinese origin who owns a bar in the Les Corts neighborhood faces raw reality and his own prejudices. These are some of the stories of Puja a casa, a book that with precision and doses of humor portrays the inexhaustable world of couples in contemporary Barcelona, in which the characters suffer from the havoc of the economic crisis and the vital desorientation syndrome.

From a critic’s opinion:

[…] Nopca doesn’t spare responsibilities to the people he portrays. He paints them enchanted and inconsistent, always about to find the saving excuse. … There are dozens of malicious and humorous wedges that make you stick with the story. One of Puja a casa‘s trumps is the narrator’s voice, the capacity to make appear in a f***ed up situation a song by the Spice Girls, an episode of Doraemon or a manga version of Heidi, that act as a decompression valve. … a well-tuned book with a lot of registers. … Some of the endings are a little weak, … Everybody constructs the reality that suits him/her best. Passed through Nopca’s filter, they make an attractive and well-written fresco.

Julià Guillamon, La Vanguardia

SOURCE: L’Altra Editorial; “Cultura/s,” La Vanguardia, March 28, 2015, p. 7 [printed edition]


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