“Serra d’Or” critics prizes for 2014 awarded

On April 29, 2015, the Serra d’Or [Golden Saw; culture magazine] cultural prizes were awarded in Barcelona with the abbot of the Montserrat monastery, Josep Maria Soler, attending.

The Serra d’Or prizes are not endowed financially, and they correspond to outstanding works published in 2014, without these having been presented in a contest. In 2013, the introduction to the corresponding post read like this:

“On April 30, it was the turn of the publishing house of  Montserrat Abbey (close to Barcelona) and their (high) culture magazine Serra d’Or [literally “Golden Saw”, as in “Sawn Mountain” (=Montserrat)] to award a total of 14 prizes in a wide range of categories.”

Among the 2015 winners are:

Jordi Coca (Barcelona, 1947) for the novel El diable i l’home just [The devil and the just man].

Francesc Parcerisas (Begues, 1944) for the poetry collection Seixanta-un poemes [Sixty-one poems]

Francesc Serés for the narration La pell de la frontera [The frontier’s skin]; for more information on Serés cf. this post.

Carles Lluch for the literary study Novel·la catalana i novel·la catòlica: Sales, Benguerel, Bonet [Catalan novel and Catholic novel: Sales, Benguel, Bonet]

Jaume C. Pons Alorda (Mallorca, 1984; hyperactive translator) for his translation into Catalan of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.

Josep Fontana (Barcelona, 1931; Wikipedia) in the Humanities section for his La formació d’una identitat. Una història de Catalunya [The formation of an identity. A history of Catalonia]

Joan Calçotets (Riudoms; writer) and Armand (illustrator) for the children’s book Un mitjó diferent a cada peu [A different sock on each foot]

Miquel Duran (scientist and writer) for the juvenile novel Més o menys jo [More or less me]

SOURCE: La Vanguardia, April 29, 2015; Piscina… (publisher, cover picture)


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