Snippet: Verónica Sánchez’ “Things we won’t be able avoid”

Verónica Sánchez Orpella, Coses que no podrem evitar [Things we won’t be able to avoid], 2015, 234 p.

The publisher offers this summary in English, i.e. there is the possibility of a translation:

Coses que no podrem evitar  is a novel that tells us the story of a Barcelona teenager whose routine shifts when his father –someone who comes in and out of his life— invites him to take a yearlong trip to Asia. Compelled by the adventurous spirit of the filmInto the Wild, but also by a feeling of lack of control typical of his age, the protagonist sets off on a voyage that will take him to Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and Nepal. An odyssey that will take him away from the women in his life, who are his main points of reference, and with whom he will have to forge new long-distance relationships.

From a review:

A version of the Orient journey for precocious and highly educated youth who, alone in front of the world, face fears, pains, hopes and disillusionments. … Its romanticism is that of a movie, with great panoramic landscapes…  Though not explained explicitly, the readers understand that they are following the experiences of a new elite from Barcelona, born to qualified professionals, cosmopolitan and with an unusual education. … The Carlemany prize for the promotion of reading is well deserved.

There is also a spotify playlist to accompany the novel (on the promo page).

Coses que no podrem evitar won the 2014 Carlemany prize for the promotion of reading, given by the government of Andorra, Grup 62 (publisher) and the Enciclopèdia Catalana foundation and endowed with 10.000 EUR.

SOURCE: Grup 62; review by Julià Guillamon, “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, May 9, 2015, p. 6 (printed edition)


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