Snippet: C. Castelo Branco Prize for Hélia Correia

Hélia Correia’s (Lisbon, 1949; Wikipedia stubVinte Degraus e Outros Contos [Twenty Steps and other stories] is the winner of the 23rd Grande Prémio de Conto Camilo Castelo Branco for books published in 2014. The cash prize of 7,500 EUR is given annually by the Portuguese writers’ association and the municipality of Famalicão (Wikipedia) for a work written in Portuguese by a Portuguese or African author.

Publisher’s note:

Vinte Degraus e Outros Contos is a collection of eleven stories by Hélia Correia. Some of them … have got recognizable references. «Seroda» is another story of Mariana Cruz, of Amor de Perdição [Doomed Love], and «Captura» [Capture] another point of view for “A Imitação da Rosa” [Imitation of the Rose] by Clarice Lispector. «Uma Noite em Luddenden» [A night in Luddenden] evokes Branwell Brontë. «Hélder e Djalme» [H. and D.] are removed names of real people. «A Dama Singular» [The singular lady] is dedicated to a decisive woman in Portuguese literature.

Isabel Lucas, Público:

Hélia Correia puts together eleven stories where the women are central characters in grotesque universes where good and evil are nearly indistinguishable. If there is salvation, then it is in literature.

Among Correia’s work are the poem collections O Separar das Águas [The separating of the waters; 1981] and O Número dos Vivos [The number of the living; 1982].

Other (prize-winning) titles are

A Casa Eterna [The eternal house; Prémio Máxima de Literatura, 2000],

Lillias Fraser [Prémio de Ficção do Pen Club, 2001, and Prémio D. Dinis, 2002],

Bastardia [Bastardy; Prémio Máxima de Literatura, 2006]

Adoecer [Sicken; Prémio da Fundação Inês de Castro, 2010].

Hélia Correia has not been translated into English yet, but lists the following 2012 seminar paper by Laura Smith: The Theme of Loneliness as Treated by Maria Judite de Carvalho, Maria Ondina Braga, Teolinda Gersao and Helia Correia.

(More on the author Camilo Castelo Branco after whom the prize is named can be found in the Wikipedia.)

SOURCE: Público, May 11, 2015; publisher’s blog


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