Snippet: Books for would-be writers, in English and Spanish

With some of them recently translated into Spanish, the creative writing teacher Mauricio Bach (Barcelona, 1965; CV (Spanish)) listed these manuals for would-we writers in a recent article:

Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman, How Not To Write A Novel [website]

Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Writing Fiction [website]

Robert McKee, Story [website]

Silvia Adela Kohan, Para escribir una novela [To write a novel]; the publisher lists a whole series of creative writing books written by her…

Mateo Coronado, Escribir, crear, contar [Writing, creating, narrating], a publication by the Instituto Cervantes

Patricia Highsmith, Suspense [Spanish title, 2015; English title: Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction]

Andreu Martín, Cómo escribo novela policíaca [How I write crime novels] – publisher’s page

Federico Sabatini, Virginia Woolf, Sobre la escritura [On writing, letter and essay fragments; published in Italy as Spegnere le luci e guardare il mondo di tanto in tanto] – Spanish publisher’s page

Alex Grijelmo, Palabras de doble filo [Double-edged words], publisher’s page

Luis Magrinyá, Estilo rico, estilo pobre [Rich style, poor style], 2015.

Neil Gaimon, Fantastic Mistakes. Neil Gamon’s “Make Good Art” speech; available at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, website

[The works appear in the order of the article; the English ones are available in Spanish, but the Spanish ones are not available in English…]

SOURCE: Mauricio Bach, ‘Cómo enseñar a escribir’, “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, May 30, 2015, p. 13 [printed edition]


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