Snippet: González Harbour and the hazards of Spanish country roads

Berna González Harbour, Los ciervos llegan sin avisar [The deer arrive suddenly], 224 p.

Publisher’s summary:

There are occasions in which the only way to advance is going back. This is the apparent paradox that Carmen is facing, an unemployed economist who sees that everything around her is falling apart [job, marriage, apartment]. Confronted with a disheartening present, Carmen decides to look back and solve a mystery buried in the past. Was she the witness of a deadly accident, or was it not a casualty? Sometimes it is not advisable to open door that have been closed for years. Though on the other hand facing challenges can lead to deeper personal changes. Carmen has it clear. She chooses understanding, whatever the consequences might be.

 «The truck driver appeared in the middle of the road, young and strong like that deer that led the escape but with a worse fate. Also death can arrive like this, suddenly».

The author said in an interview that the story of the dying truck-driver happened to herself years ago, though all the rest of the story is the fruit of her fantasy. The plot is set in contemporary Spain, still in crisis, with a sick labor market and seamy motels, with elements of terror and upset characters.

This novel is not a part of the investigator Ruiz series [cf. this post for more information]

SOURCE: RBA (publisher); review/interview by Xavi Ayén, La Vanguardia, June 13, 2015, p. 47 (printed edition)


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