Snippet: Camões Prize to Hélia Correia

The Portuguese author Hélia Correia (Lisbon, 1949; Wikipedia stub) is the 2015 Camões Prize winner, the most important literary prize for the Portuguese language (Wikipedia).

The achievement award, endowed with 100,000 EUR, has been given to Correia, among other arguments, for the multiple genres in which she writes (novel, short story, drama, poetry), her personal style and for the richness and precision of her Portuguese.

Correia recently won the Conto Camilo Castelo Branco prize (cf. post).

The article at the source talks about Correia’s childhood and early love of books (starting with “Uma infância livre” [a free childhood]); it might be worthwhile reading it with “google translate”…

SOURCE: Público, June 17, 2015

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