Snippet: Adrià Pujol’s “Sting of Barcelona”

Adrià Pujol Cruells (Begur, 1974; anthropologist, teacher, writer), Picadura de Barcelona [Sting of Barcelona], 2015, 208 p.

Publisher’s comment:

Barcelona has got the ability to live immersed in a considerable hotchpodge. The Olympics [summer 1992], the Forum [of cultures, 2004], the squatters, the campers [occupy], rising prices, the people that move around and the streets that stay put. The city is a beehive of passions. Some love it, others would burn it.

After dazzling the critics with Escafarlata d’Empordà and Alteracions [Alterations] Adrià Pujol dares to dissect, with intelligence, insight and irony, the city and, on the rebound, the country.

Anna Carreras, critic:

[Pujol Cruells]… transcribes the thoughts and feelings born from the experiences of living in the post-Olympics capital in Picadura de Barcelona, a river novel in which the stream is of someone who would not even shut up under water. … The narrator crosses Barcelona on Saturday night. In this odyssey of going home, the voice that talks to us in the first person -and that makes us laugh with every step- simulates that it is thinking aloud and in a monologue for nobody: observes, smokes, drinks (a lot), talks (little) with the … pedestrians and remembers, reconstructs. …

SOURCE: Edicions Sidillà (publisher); Anna Carreras, review in “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, June 27, 2015, p. 12 (printed edition)


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