Snippet: New biography of Ramon Mercader, Trotsky’s assassin

Eduard Puigventós López, Ramon Mercader, l’home del piolet. Biografia de l’assassí de Trotski [Ramon Mercader, the man of the icepick. Biography of Trotsky’s assassin], 2015, 620 p.

Publisher’s summary:

The biography of a myth. The most famous Catalan assassin of all times. A passionate biography that reads like a history of spying and seduction, false identities, conspiracies, frustrated attacks, idealism and treason.

The life of the most relevant Catalan assassin in history takes the reader on a fascinating journey through France, the Soviet Union, Mexico and Cuba, with the Spanish Civil War, World War II and the Cold War in the background, in the bloody persecution of Lev Davidovich, Trotsky, up to the final crime, the icepick in hand. Richly documented, minute, scholarly and with surprising, previously unpublished photos, the ambitious investigation of Eduard Puigventós, Ramon Mercader…, is a disquisition between heroism and cowardice of a personality of a thousand faces and at the same time a captivating portrait of an epoch of great political upheavals and military confrontations, where there was not only global supremacy at play but also the very idea of the world.

“Thus, we will concentrate on the assassin, analyzing his personality and the facts that led him to become what he was: a person faithful to an idea, who immolates himself believing that this way he would help the emergence of a new world. We will try to reconstruct his life before the attack to understand the reason for it; his life afterwards to analyze the consequences; and the clear ideologic component that he kept until his last days.”

For a novelized view on the same personalities, already available in English, you might turn to Leonardo Padura’s El hombre que amaba a los perros [The man who loved dogs], more information at Tusquets (publisher).

SOURCE: Ara Llibres (publisher of the new biography)


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