Snippet: Trapiello’s “Don Quijote”

Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quijote de la Mancha. Puesto en castellano actual integra y fielmente por Andrés Trapiello [Don Quixote de la Mancha. “Translated” into modern Spanish complete- and faithfully by Andrés Trapiello], 2015, 1,040 p.

The publisher’s comment (original in English)

“The comprehensive edition of Don Quixote adapted to contemporary Spanish by Andrés Trapiello, a writer and leading Cervantes expert.

Coinciding with the fourth centenary of the publication of the second part of Don Quixote, Trapiello has updated the complete text of this essential work of Spanish literature to contemporary language. This book seeks to bring the adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza to every reader so they that they can enjoy it without struggling through a four century old language.”

This new version of the Quixote received positive reviews.

The publisher’s author information (blogger translated):

Andrés Trapiello was born in Manzanedade Torío, León, in 1953, and since 1975 he lives in Madrid. He is the author of eight novels, among them El buque fantasma [The phantom boat](Plaza&Janés Int’l Novel prize 1992), Los amigos del crimen perfecto [The friends of the perfect crime] (Nadal prize 2003; National prize 2005 for the best foreign novel, Beijing), Al morir don Quijote [When Don Quixote died] (2004; Novel prize of the José Manuel Lara foundation 2005; Prix Littéraire Européen Madeleine Zepter, París, 2005, for the best foreign novel) and Los confines [The ends] (2009); of a book on the maquis [anti-Franco rebels] in Madrid, La noche de los Cuatro Caminos  [The Cuatro Caminos (four ways) night] (2001), and of a diary entitled Salón de pasos perdidos [Salon of lost steps], of which there have appeared already 18 volumes. As an essayist Trapiello has published, among others, Las vidas de Miguel de Cervantes [The lives of Miguel de Cervantes] (1993), El arca de las palabras [The words’ ark] (2006), Imprenta moderna (1874-2005) [Modern printing, 1874-2005] (2006) and Las armas y las letras [Weapons and letters] (1994), revised in 2010. His first four books of poetry have been collected in Las tradiciones [Traditions] (1991), followed by Acaso una verdad [Perhaps a truth] (Nat’l critics’ prize 1993) and Segunda oscuridad [Second darkness] (2012). Trapiello has received, among others, the Comunidad de Madrid letter prize (2003) and the Castilla y León region letter prize (2011) for the whole of his work. doesn’t list any books by Trapiello translated into English.

SOURCE: Planeta (publisher)


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