Snippet: Sobrer’s memories of Barcelona in the 1950s and 60s

Josep Miquel Sobrer, La llum d’aquells dies. Del Poblenou al Pacífic (1944-1967) [The light of those days. From Poblenou to the Pacific, 1944-1967], 2015, 243 p.

Publisher’s summary:

With a friendly and sly glance, Josep Miquel Sobrer captures in these memories the daily life of Barcelona in the postwar years. Beginning with his origins in the family pastry store in the Poblenou neighborhood, the author recalls the crafts, the people, school, his first erotic relations, the military service and the excitement of the 1960s Universitat de Barcelona. La llum d’aquells dies makes us discover a shrewd narrator with a sense for language and a prose full of images and reflexions that brings us to a shared past, lived intensively and finely remembered. A friend of would-be writers such as Carles Miralles, Marta Pessarrodona and Josep M. Benet i Jornet, Sobrer lived an authentic vocation for writing. As Francesc Parcerisas declares in his prologue, «Catalan literature has to rush to add the name of Josep Miquel Sobrer to those of the best writers we have had in the last third of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries». The three academic institutions to which Sobrer was tied –the Universitat de Barcelona, Indiana University Bloomington and the North American Catalan Society– have worked togehter to recover this work and offer it to the readership.

Indiana University’s newspage offers this short biography.

SOURCE: Universitat de Barcelona (publisher)


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