Snippet: Guillem Frontera’s view of contemporary Majorca

Guillem Frontera, Sicília sense morts [Sicily without the dead], Club Editor, 2015, 320 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Majorca, in Guillem Frontera’s work, could also be the world’s lab where especially greed grows –which in its developed version is called corruption. In the same manner as bacteria and people, archaic passions adapt to modernity: somebody a long time ago steals the land of a widow, somebody in modern times manipulates a complex corruption plot to obtain an advantage, and one day the young a young president of the Autonomous Region [of the Balearic Islands] receives a dead rat inside a lead box.

Majorca had been defined as Sicily without the dead, but until when? The sun is warm, there sounds the melody of a cello masterly played by a beautiful slavic woman, the retired hedonist Mateu Llodrà drinks Camparis and thinks about how to satisfy his peculiar sense of justice. And the dead rat has got the perverse capacity to disturb the course of things, in a time saturated by abuses in which the president of the autonomous region invokes regeneration.

“I wanted to write a contemporary historical novel that captured the spirit of our time,” confesses Guillem Frontera. He has fully achieved his aim.

SOURCE: Club Editor (publisher)


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