Snippet: Catalan fiction for the fall of 2015

As with Spanish fiction, hopefully to be expanded in the coming months…

Najat El Hachmi, La filla estrangera [The foreign daughter]

Mercè Rodoreda, Obra de joventud [Early works]

Albert Sánchez Piñol, Vae Victus [in reference to “vae victis” (“woe to the vanquished”)]; written in Spanish, but to be published in Catalan at the same moment; sequel to Victus.

Maria Barbal, Pedra de tartera [Stone of a scree slope], 30th anniversary edition, “corrected” by the author.

Martí Domínguez, La sega [The mowing]

Jenn Díaz, Mare i filla [Mother and daughter], the author’s first work in Catalan, after four books in Spanish.

Lluís Maria Todó, L’últim mono [The last monkey]

and then Massot lists a lot more by author and title…

SOURCE: Josep Massot, “Històries de família” [family stories], La Vanguardia, August 22, 2015, p. 28 [printed edition]


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