Snippet: Jenn Díaz’ “Mother and daughter”

Jenn Díaz, Mare i filla [Mother and daughter], 2015, 192 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Jenn Diaz’ first novel written in Catalan, a literary event. An author of a very personal universe, a mix of the most intimate with the most universal, that roots in the tradition of the best female writers of modern literature: Ginzburg, Woolf, Martín Gaite, Matute, Rodoreda…

Dolors, Natàlia, Glòria, Àngela, Violeta, Èrica… women with men or without. Women who live lives that are so predictible that they surprise. Women in love, women who measure love, women who age, or women who search and don’t find, or who find and don’t know it.

This is a choral novel about the things that constitute life. About family ties, the chambers itself, the houses with a garden and those in the shadow. About male worlds inhabited by women and the idiomatic expressions that explain them and that perpetuate them. About mothers, daughters, sisters, and the words and the silences that bring them together or separate them.

“Now I knew what a woman could do for love, a woman in love is the worst animal that there is.”

On sale from August 31, 2015

For more information on Jenn Díaz cf. this older post.

SOURCE: Ara Llibres (publisher)


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