Crime novels for “the Catalan book’s week”

From September 4 to 13, Catalan booksellers celebrate the 33rd “week of the book in Catalan” at Cathedral avenue in Barcelona. Among the special events there will be the afternoon of Sept. 7 dedicated to crime novels.

The titles mentioned by Pere Guixà in the “Cultura/s” presentation are the following:

Anna Moner, El retorn de l’hongarés [The Hungarian’s return], 256 p., “Alfons el Magnànim” novel prize

Publisher’s summary:

In May 1897, a dismembered corpse appears at Bois de Boulogne in Paris. This triggers the investigation of a series of horrifying murders that will mark the career of the Security Police’s chief inspector Olivier Béziers and of the prestigious coroner Aguste Locard.

More than 100 years later there arrives at the Medical-Legal Institute a very big coffin, discovered during the remodeling of Père Lachaise cemetery. Sara Bongard, a young forensic anthropologist, can’t imagine that she will see herself involved in the macabre events that shock the Parisian society at the end of the 19th century.

Anna Moner mixes sensuality, magic and mystery to construct a novel with gothic roots […]. With interesting aspects of the histories of science and art in the background, switching between the end of the 19th century and today, this breathtaking thriller brings the reader into a dark criminal investigation.

Margarida Aritzeta, L’amant xinès [The Chinese lover], 286 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Two beggars appear dead in an abandoned mill. A few days later the corpse of a disguised Chinese woman is found. Hate crimes? The investigation of inspector Mina Fuster and her team of the Tarragona regional police department points to a mysterious Chinese lover the dead woman was engaged to. But there isn’t anybody who knows anything about this man who erased all traces of his presence at the crime scene. A business trip to China by the victim, undertaken just before she died, accompanied by a group of businessmen and politicians related to the construction of the Barcelona World complex could shed light in a case where everybody hides their true face.

Jordi Pijoan, Els àngels de Sóar [The angels of Sóar] – no information found –

Esperança Camps, La cara B [The B side], 205 p.

Publisher’s summary:

In Valencia there appear the corpses of two politicians who were involved in corruption schemes in the past when another politician, a high-flying regional secretary, fled overseas before being sentenced for these illegal relations. Now all suspicions fall on the former secretary who could have returned to do justice, but nobody knows where he is, not even his family. His son is an aspiring novelist who wants to write his great work based on his father’s history. His wife is an upper-class woman who lost her status and lives in misery since her husband’s flight.

A female journalist, former lover of the son, wants to discover what there is behind the murders before this is found out by the official police investigation, or by the inofficial one undertaken by other implicated politicians who have started the inquiry on their account.

Sebastià Bennasar, Cant de sirena negra [The black mermaid’s song]

From a blogger:

The protagonist falls in love with a black mermaid and will do whatever it takes to see her again. He follows traces and stories that will make him travel from Majorca to Barcelona, to Paris, Florence, Seville… He will meet friends and people he knows who will help him, will listen to him and will also explain their own stories to him.
A book full of references to other books, sometimes clearly named, sometimes hidden but seeable for everyone as the good traces. Fiction and reality unite in this book of adventures and the search for love, where we find, apart from the protagonist’s dream, also other diverse love stories.

SOURCE: “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, August 29, 2015, p. 10 [printed edition]; Bromera (Moner’s publisher), Llibres del Delicte (Aritzteta’s publisher, and Camp‘s)


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