Snippet: Miquel Adam’s “Winter bullfighter”

Miquel Adam, Torero d’hivern [Winter bullfighter], 2015, 255 p.

Publisher’s summary:

With the power granted to him by being the president of an apartment-owners’ community, one of the neighbors tries to install a dictatorship in his block of flats. A young editor travels to the Frankfurt Book Fair to discover the zero value of literature. A worker who is uncapable of bullfighting the workplace’s injustices lives a rebellion that begins with his own body. Somebody who doesn’t get published any book aquires all the megalomaniac tics of the great writers.

The gallery of characters that stroll around through this story collection have got the intimate pride of knowing themselves bigger and more beautiful than reality wants them to believe, and in this lies their endearing dignity. And this is why the humor that beats in this book is combative irony, that sorrow can be mixed with hope and that love comes together with vengeance.

Julià Guillamon, critic:

“Of all the good things that this book has got from a narrative point of view, I have been impressed by the endings that don’t allow the stories to languish: they end with a turn that one doesn’t expect and when one has got the impression to know it all, they open a small door and make one pass to another screen where nothing is so simple.”

Miquel Adam (Barcelona, 1979) is an editor.

SOURCE: Edicions de 1984 (publisher’s blog); review by J. Guillamon at “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, September 5, 2015, p. 8 [printed edition]


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