Snippet: Lorenzo Silva’s “Music for the ugly”

Lorenzo Silva, Música para feos [Music for the ugly], 2015, 224 p.

Apparently the title is an allusion to Leonard Cohen’s “We are ugly, but we have the music.”

Publisher’s summary:

A countercurrent love story

Mónica and Ramón get to know each other in a nightclub where none of them really belongs. Sometimes the stories begin like this. Mónica and Ramón haven’t had much luck in their lives, and there isn’t too much hope left that they will have it anytime. Mónica is a journalist getting close to thirty who survives underemployed in a job that she hates. Ramón, in his mid-fourties, persists to be a mystery: he doesn’t reveal what he does. They could have never met again, but one week later they meet again and it is hopeless: the music they hadn’t had begins to play. Later Mónica remembers. In her own words: “The only clean and beautiful that I really ever had.”

The publisher’s page also offers a spotify playlist.

The critic M. Ángeles López reveals that Ramón is a soldier destined to Afghanistan. She likes the book.

Your blogger somewhat likes Silva’s “Bevilacqua y Chamorro” crime novels. As far as he can see, the only book by Lorenzo Silva available in English is his 1997 The Faint-hearted Bolshevik (2013).

SOURCE: Planeta (publisher); review in “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, September 19, 2015, p. 6 [printed edition];


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