Snippet: Roser Caminals’ “The night’s allies”

This blogger had never heard of Roser Caminals, a Catalan writer and professor of Spanish literature at Hood College [had never heard of the latter either ;-)]. There is more bio- and bibliographical information on the Catalan writers’ association’s page, and in the Wikipedia article.

The publisher’s summary of her latest novel, Els aliats de la nit [The night’s allies]:

Barcelona, 1941: Fede [a man] starts working as a sales rep for a German pharmaceuticals company, a job that makes him travel all over Catalonia and especially to Andorra, a neutral frontier den where during these convulsed years there coincide German and English spies, old [Spanish] Republicans and Central-European fugitives on their flight from Nazism. Reluctantly, Fede gets involved in a spy plot to unmask fascim’s abuses, through which it is intended to save a few Central-European refugees. Set in the early 1940s in the context of the Second World War, when it seemed as if the Nazis would get hold of Europe, the novel Els aliats de la nit narrates the vicissitudes of different Catalan, Spanish and Central-European characters during these dark years. Full of secret agents, smugglers and people in motion in flight from Nazism, Roser Caminals recreates the lives of some anonymous heroes in convulsed times. lists Caminals’ The streets of the three beds (description) and Once remembered, twice lived (description) as available in English, as well as some of her translations of other Iberian authors into English.

Most of her novels are set in Barcelona, and according to the critic Guillamon, all deal with freedom.

SOURCE: Grup 62 (publisher); review by Julià Guillamon in “Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, October 17, 2015, p. 8-9 [printed edition]

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