Snippet: Magazine texts by Fernando Assis Pacheco to be published in one volume

In November 2015, the publishing house Tinta-da-China, that recently acquired the rights to the author’s work, will release a collection of texts by Fernando Assis Pacheco (1937-1995) that previously had been published only as a serial in a satirical magazine, Bisnau, in the 1980s. It will be called Bronco Angel: O Cow-Boy Analfabeto, originally published under the pseudonym William Faulkingway. The texts are chronicles, but the book will be called a novel.

Journalist, humorist, poet, fiction author, critic, translator, Fernando Assis Pacheco stood out especially with chronicle, a genre in which he practised a refined and very peculiar sense of humor. Born in Coimbra in February of 1937, he was the son of a physician and a homemaker and the grandson of a Galician who marked his identity, in the same way as Galicia marked all of his creative path and provided him with environment and characters such as Benito Prada, the protagonist of his 1993 novel, Trabalhos e Paixões de Benito Prada [Work and passions of Benito Prada].

Journalist at O Jornal [The newspaper] and later with the magazine Visão [View], Assis Pacheco published five poetry collections, among them the anthology A Musa Irregular [Irregular muse] (1991), and also the novel Walt (1978) and the interview collection Retratos Falados [Spoken portraits] (2001). In 1995, he was next to one of the bookstores he frequented in Lisbon when he died of a heart attack. He was 58 years old. Ten years later his last poems were published under the title Respiração Assistida [Assisted breathing], maybe the most nostalgic work by Pacheco (or by Assis as he was called by those closest to him).

Bronco Angel: o Cow-Boy Analfabeto comes out in a moment when some of the titles by Assis Pacheco are out of the bookstores, estão fora das livrarias, with some editions outsold and others not reedited. After publishing this up to now unedited work by Pacheco, Tinta-da-China will republish his work at intervals dictated by the needs of the bookstores. Whenever an edition is outsold, the work will be republished in a new edition from the new label.

As far as this blogger could find out, Fernando Assis Pacheco is not available in English.

SOURCE: Isabel Lucas in Público, September 10, 2015


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