Snippet: Herralde prize 2015 to Marta Sanz for “Show Business”

As every first Monday in November since 1983, the publishing house Anagrama announced on November 2 this year’s winner of the Premio Herralde de Novela [named after the publisher Jorge Herralde himself, endowed with 18,000 EUR] for an unpublished novel written in Spanish.

This year’s winner is the veteran writer Marta Sanz (Madrid, 1967) for her novel Farándula, which the publisher already offers for translation as Show Business. More on the novel as well as on the author can be read on Anagrama’s foreign rights pages.

The runner-up was Miguel Àngel Hernández (Murcia, 1977) with El Instante de peligro [The Instant of Danger], to be published in the US and the UK by Hispabooks. Also in this case Anagrama offers more information on the novel and the author.

SOURCE: El País, November 2, 2015; Anagrama (publisher)


2 thoughts on “Snippet: Herralde prize 2015 to Marta Sanz for “Show Business”

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