Snippet: “Vae Victus”, sequel to Albert Sánchez Piñol’s “Victus”


Book sales in Spanish and Catalan have started Nov. 18, 2015.

Publisher’s summary:

Vae Victus narrates four new adventures of the engineer Martí Zuviría.

The book begins on September 12, 1714, the day after the fall of Barcelona and shortly before Zuviría flees to North America where he will help the Yamas Indians in the war against the English colonists. After the American adventure the action moves back to Catalonia but it will also reach London, Germany and even New Zealand. Historical characters that already appeared in Victus reappear, such as the ambiguous Duke of Berwick, his archenemy Verboom, or the admired general Villarroel; at the same time there appear new ones, such as the famous anti-French guerrillero Pere Joan Barceló -a.k.a. Carrasclet– or the English explorer James Cook.

Sánchez Piñol confirms in Vae Victus his narrative pulse, a prodigious balance  between historical rigour and boundless imagination and a sense of humour that convert his prose into one of the most modern and at the same time most popular of our times.

250.000 copies.
Translated into 16 languages.
Movie rights sold.


SOURCE: La Campana (publisher)


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