Snippet: Guadalajara lit award to Vila-Matas


This year’s Guadalajara International Book Fair (28 Nov – 6 Dec), the most important for Spanish literature world-wide, on 28 November 2015 awarded its formerly known as Juan Rulfo prize, now called FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages, Latin America’s most important literary prize, to Spanish author Enrique Vila-Matas (Barcelona, 1948).

The fair has got this press release on the event (in English).

Vila-Matas’ homepage shows those works of his available in English and also quite a long list of recent, very positive reviews in the English-speaking press. It also offers the text of his acceptance speech in Guadalajara (in Spanish).

On the occasion of this event, Joan de Sagarra (Paris, 1938; Wikipedia), a writer and cultural journalist admired by this blogger, wrote an interview article on Vila-Matas in La Vanguardia newspaper, of which some excerpts are reproduced here:

The Barcelonese writer Enrique Vila-Matas experienced in the Latin-American literary society -especially the Argentine and the Mexican- a warm reception.

“I dedicate this award to Sergio Pitol, the Mexican writer who was decisive in my literary vocation.”

Pitol wrote about Vila-Matas in Letras Libres (Mexico, 2001): “I considered him my secret twin brother… With his latest books, Enrique has become my teacher…”

Vila-Matas still believes in what he said in 2001, when he received the Rómulo Gallegos award: “We have to move to a literature that reflects the spirit of the time, a mixed literature, where the limits mix up and reality can dance at the border of fiction, and the rhythm erases this border. From a moment on, I always want to be a stranger.”

“In the present (2015) I continue as always in a state of alert, and I try to flee from the nets of homeland and religion.”


SOURCE: Joan de Sagarra, La Vanguardia, Nov. 21, 2015, pp. 44-45 [printed edition]











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