Snippet: Sant Jordi and other prizes 2015

December 11, 2015 was the evening when the Catalan culture organization Òmnium celebrated its annual awards’ gala (“Santa Lucia’s”).

The most important one, the Sant Jordi novel prize, endowed with 60,000 EUR, went to Pep Puig (Terrassa, 1966) for La vida sense la Sara Amat [Life without Sara Amat].

“The winning novel has got a plot similar to that of Paper Towns by the biggest selling author in Spain, John Green. ‘I wanted to write a popular novel that goes well with young people age 16 up to those age 50.’ (Pep Puig). He took inspiration from a real person from the summers he spent in Ullastret: ‘A girl – he says – full of character, intelligent, rebellish and contradictory who decides to disappear, while we played hide and seek, and who hides inside a boy’s room. It’s something of the story of the end of childhood and the beginning of adolescence, even though she had already stopped being a child.’ And in the tale of these ten days, there is beating this unresolved sexual tension that is so en vogue in books about adolescents.” (Josep Massot, La Vanguardia)

The other prizes:

Carles Riba poetry prize to Víctor Obiols for Dret al miracle [Right to the miracle]

Mercè Rodereda short-story prize to Empar Moliner for Tot això ho faig perquè tinc molta por [I do all this because I am very frightened]

Josep Maria Folch i Torres children’s novel prize to Francesc Puigpelat for La nena que es va convertir en mòbil [The girl that transformed into a mobile]

Joaquim Ruyra juvenile novel prize to Santi Baró for L’Efecte Calders [The Calders effect]

Frederic Roda theatre prize to David Plana for Els encantats [The enchanted] and Josep Maria Miró for La travessia [The crossing]

International Jean Baptiste Cendrós press prize for Alex Rühle (Süddeutsche Zeitung) for an article on Sant Jordi and Catalan nationalism

Òmnium communication prize for the TV program Quèquicom [What-who-how], a science TV show.

SOURCE: elMó (Dec. 12, 2015); Josep Massot, La Vanguardia, Dec. 12, 2015, p. 49 [printed edition]



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