Snippet: Most beautiful books 2015 (Portugal)

This blogger hasn’t managed to come upon a list of best books for Portugal but stumbled on an op-ed article by Carlos Fiolhais that listed the most beautiful books of 2015; beautiful as to its contents and the careful preparation of the books themselves. The titles, obviously a selection based on the personal taste of the author, are listed in alphabetical order of their authors’ names, and some are bilingual.

Pepe Brix, Os Últimos Heróis. The Last Heroes. A photography book on the work of Portugal’s last cod fishing boats.

Hélder Carita and António Homem Cardoso, A Casa Senhorial em Portugal. Modelos, Tipologias, Programas Interiores e Equipamento [The manor-house in Portugal. Models, typologies, interiors and equipment]. A photography book on Portuguese manor-houses for the coffee table.

Miguel Claro, Dark Sky. Alqueva. O Destino das Estrelas. A Star Destination. An astrophotography book on the first world-wide certified starlight tourist destination.

Umberto Eco, História das Terras e dos Lugares Lendários. [The book of legendary lands, 2013]. “A fascinating illustrated tour of the fabled places in literature and folklore that have awed, troubled, and eluded us through the ages.” (

Mário Ruivo (coordinator), Do Mar Oceano ao Mar Português. From the Mar Oceano to the Portuguese Sea.  Richly illustrated texts on the Portuguese relation to their sea, from history to gastronomy. Published by the Portuguese postal service, includes a series of stamps.

Peter Sís, O Piloto e o Principezinho. A vida de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [The Pilot and the Little Prince: The Life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 2014]. “Peter Sís’s remarkable biography celebrates the author of The Little Prince, …” (

Various authors, O Círculo Delaunay. The Delaunay Circle. Catalogue of a current exhibition at the Fundação Gulbenkian, Lisbon.

SOURCE: Público, Dec. 23, 2015


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