Snippet: Biblioteca Breve prize to Menéndez Salmón


Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, El sistema [The system], 2016, 328 p.

Winner of the 2016 Biblioteca Breve [“short library”] prize

The Biblioteca Breve prize for a novel written in Spanish, of the originally independent publishing house Seix & Barral, has existed since 1958, though between 1972 and 1999 it was not awarded. The original mission statements were these:

“The principal mission of this prize is to stimulate young writers so that they will participate in the movement to renovate the current European literature.” (Victor Seix)

“The winning work has to be among those that show an authentic vocation for renovation or among those that are presumed to deal with strictly contemporary literary and human issues.” (Carlos Barral)

Planeta offers on their foreign rights pages a summary of the book, summaries of the previous books by the same author, and a biographical note on the author, all in English.


Other prices obtained by Ricardo Menéndez Salmón:

2003 Premio de la Crítica de Asturias por Los caballos azules
Premio Juan Rulfo de Relato por Los caballos azules
2005 Premio Internacional de Relatos Cortos «José Nogales» por Gritar
2006 Premio Casino de Mieres de Novela por La noche feroz
2007 Premio Librería Sintagma XXI por La ofensa
Premio Qwerty de Barcelona Televisión por La ofensa
2008 Premio de la Crítica de Asturias  por Derrumbe
2009 Premio de la Crítica de la Feria del Libro de Bilbao por El corrector
2010 Premio Cálamo «Otra mirada» por La luz es más antigua que el amor
Premio Llanes de Viajes por Asturias para Vera
2014 Premio a la Excelencia Artística del Gobierno de Baviera
2015 Premio Las Américas por Niños en el tiempo
2016 Premio Biblioteca Breve por El Sistema

Blogger’s comment: As in most of the cases of current Spanish literary prizes, the publisher awarded the prize to an author already published by them, though through a presumably independent jury. This leads to the suspicion that the prize is not awarded to foster new talent but to get relatively cheap publicity for an already established author.

SOURCE: Planeta (publisher)


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