Barcelona literary + movie walks + history


Raúl Montilla, Barcelona de novel·la [Novelized BCN], 2016, 230 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Walking Barcelona through its novels

A book that mixes literature and reality, in which the city of dozens of authors and hundreds of stories coexists with the actual city, where there doesn’t exist any cemetery of forgotten books… at least if that is what you want to believe.

An invitation to get to know and walk through Barcelona from a different viewpoint, from literature. A walk through the streets and the pages dedicated to a city that has been the stage of mythic novels such as The Quixote or In Diamond Square and that has become a protagonist in well-known titles such as Cathedral of the Sea, The City of Marvels, or The Shadow of the Wind. A route of the present to places that have become an essential presence for thousands of literary plots, from The Private Life to Victus, passing by Confessions. And a lively view on the places that marked authors such as García Márquez, Vargas Llosa, Vázquez Montalbán, Mercè Rodoreda, Montserrat Roig or Terenci Moix. A book that invites to read.

The same publisher offers these (e-)books in English:


Eugeni Osácar, Catalonia Movie Walks. 240 p. More information here.

BARCELONA MOVIE WALKS  eugeni osacar dieresis

Eugeni Osácar, Barcelona Movie Walks. 248 p. More information here.


A similar genre would be books on the history of Barcelona.

A recent, best-selling addition is Enric Calpena’s Barcelona. Una biografia [BCN. A biography], 2016, 832 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Modern Barcelona as we know it, that receives 7.5 M tourists per year and that is known and praised around the world for its creative capacity and its innovative spirit (Europe’s NYC) and for its industrial capacity and its rigor and its seriousness in business as the result of the internal dynamics of more than 2000 years of history and the daiy life of its successive inhabitants.

The dreams and ambitions, the necessities and hopes, the struggles and defeats of the people that since the Neolithic have inhabited and constructed Barcelona, have shaped the city, adapting to new circumstances and reinventing it in each age.

Barcelona. Una biografia accounts for this dynamic flux of time and history. A city’s chronicle, its history through the ages as a living organism in constant evolution. The epic of a city on the Mediterranean that has been forged by counts, warriors and kings and with workers, traders, manufacturers, architects, designers and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Between the past and the present, showing the most splendid and known episodes of history but also the big gaps and silences Barcelona.  Una biografia is an essential book for all readers who live or feel curiosity for the making of an emblematic city.


SOURCE: Editorial Diëresis (publisher “Literary BCN”); Edicions 62 (publisher “BCN. A biography”)


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