Newspaper supplements: male grooming

If you are looking for information on serious reading, please don’t read on and forgive the distraction from real literature…

It took this blogger a while to discover El País‘ ICON… it might have to do with the fact that it is only published every four weeks, since about February 2014… two months ago La Vanguardia introduced their supplement on male grooming, so far a poor copy… here are some impressions:

102_4799 icon ep

Title:    Icon – Hombres & Estilos [Icon – Men & Styles]

Newspaper:    El País

Published:    every first Saturday of the months together with the daily; afterwards sold at newsstands for 3,- EUR (Italy, France: 6,- EUR)

reviewed copy:    No. 26, April 2016

contents:    180 pages

Historias & Personajes [Stories & People]: nine articles

Lugares & Moda [Places & Fashion]: nine articles

“Preview” Section with short articles, news, …

“El Culturista” [The Bodybuilder] with short book, music and movie presentations…

other sections such as “Icon Club” and “Garaje” [Garage] (on cars, motors) mixed in between

Blogger’s opinion: a nice, thick magazine with ads by the major brands which gives it a feel of GQ or Vogue – hardly any intellectually stimulating articles, though; with the exception of the writer Eduardo Mendoza’s article at the end in which he explains why he doesn’t keep most of the books that he reads.

102_4798 hombre lv

Title: H – Hombre de Vanguardia [Vanguard Man]

Newspaper:    La Vanguardia

Published:    quarterly on a Saturday together with the daily; afterwards sold at newsstands for 3,- EUR

reviewed copy:    No. 001, March 2016

contents:    100 pages

a total of 24 articles on famous people, fashion, traveling, wining & dining


Blogger’s opinion: a magazine with a feel of La Vanguardia‘s Sunday supplement called “Magazine”- hardly any interesting ads. The articles look as if they have been recycled or could be easily recyled somewhere else; there are none of the stimulating articles that characterize the Sunday supplement… they could have stuck with their biannual special editions of that supplement dedicated to men’s fashion. They need to improve if they want to use this magazine to poach readers from El País.



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