BCN Comic & Manga fairs 2016 (post factum)

The 34th edition, poster by Francisco Ibáñez, took place in Barcelona May 5-8, 2016. According to the organizers, this year’s number of visitors, 118.000, beat another record, 5.000 more than in 2015.

As always, the Comic Fair awarded some prizes:

The 2016 lifetime achievement award went to Josep Maria Blanco (Barcelona, 1926), the last surviving member of a group of cartoonists who published a magazine called TBO (Wikipedia).

The prize for the best work by a Spanish author published in Spain in 2015 went to El Fantasma de Gaudí [Gaudí’s ghost; Dibbuks], created by El Torres (Juan Antonio Torres, Malaga, 1972; more info) and Jesús Alonso Iglesias (1972, personal blog).

The prize for the best foreign work published in Spain in 2015 went to Una aventura de Spirou. El botones de verde caqui [A Spirou adventure: the groom in olive green; original title: le groom vert-de-gris ; Dibbuks; the Wikipedia on the series] by Yann and Olivier Schwartz.

The prize for the best emerging talent went to Javi de Castro (León, 1990; blog; tumblr)

The prize for the best Spanish fanzine went to Nimio (facebook; tumblr; twitter).

The prize of the general public went to Ekhö. Mundo Espejo 3. Hollywood Boulevard by Arleston and Barbucci (Norma).

Turista accidental

A newspaper recommendation that looked interesting to this blogger is Miguel Gallardo’s Turista accidental [Accidental tourist, Astiberri]: “Gallardo went all over the world to present his comics, and he didn’t stop watching it with his usual sense of humor. This funny travel logbook passes through Prague, Frankfurt, Warsaw, New York, Tokio, Mexico, and a lot of airports.” (La Vanguardia)

SOURCE: Saló del Còmic; La Vanguardia, May 7, 2016, pp. 38-40 [printed edition]

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