Snippet: French lit price for a work written in Portuguese

On May 14, 2016, Ondjaki  received the Prix Littéraire Monde étranger for his novel Os Transparentes / Les transparents [The transparent].

Ndalu de Almeida, a.k.a. Ondjaki, is an Angolan writer and already received the José Saramago Prize 2013 for the Portuguese original, published in 2012; and also the Transfuge Prize for best African novel.

The summary according to Étonnants-Vogageurs (French award):

On the first floor of an old building in the center of Luanda the inhabitants tell each other their stories and think about the future. There is Odonato who is nostalgic for the Luanda of the past. There is Amarelinha, his daughter, the embroiderer of pearls, and the young MarchandDeCoquillages [“shell merchant”]. There is MariaComForça [“hard Mary”] who sells grilled fish. But there are also journalists, seekers, controllers, interested in the natural resources of the land… All these stories weave the background of Angola in a brutal transition between its traditional culture and modernity.

In 2014, Ondjaki was considered one of the 39 top-writers under 40. lists as available in English Good Morning Comrades, and Granma Nineteen and the Soviet’s Secret.

SOURCE: Público, May 9, 2016; Etonnants-Voyageurs; Caminho (Portuguese publisher)


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