Snippets: Madrid and Lisbon book fairs 2016

2016 Emilio Gil


75th edition

27 May – 12 June 2016, Retiro park

367 booths, 479 exhibitors: 26 official organisms, 10 distributors, 63 specialized booksellers, 56 general booksellers, 324 publishing houses

special guest country: France

opening hours (“for the heat-resistant only”): 11 am – 2 pm, 6 pm – 9:30 pm

official website (in Spanish only)


86ª Feira do Livro de Lisboa


86th edition

26 May – 13 June 2016, Eduardo VII park

277 booths, also: show cooking, cinema

opening hours: afternoons until 11 pm, weekend until midnight

official website (in Portuguese only)

SOURCE:”Cultura/s”, La Vanguardia, May 28, 2016, p. 14 (printed edition; Madrid numbers); Público May 23, 2016 (Lisbon numbers + image)


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