Snippet: Jordi Sierra i Fabra

This blogger doesn’t know if one call it literature when talking about a writer with more than 420 titles to his name, but he likes very much the idea of sponsoring a literary prize for writers below age 18… both of these things are true for Jordi Sierra i Fabra (Barcelona, 1947; Catalan writers association’s biography).

The Wikipedia article with little information on the author but with the enormous bibliography is not available in English, but his homepage is… and also are the pages of his foundations in Spain and Latin America.

“A precocious author, he began writing at age 8, and at age 12 he wrote his first pages. In 1970 he abandoned his studies and worked as a professional music commentator. … His memoirs are called Mis (primeros) 400 libros. Cuándo, dónde y por qué los escribí [My (first) 400 books. When, where and why I wrote them.]”

Wikipedia lists a few titles as available in English, but the search is somewhat complicated…



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