Snippet: Beatriz Rodríguez’ “When we were angels”

Beatriz Rodríguez, Cuando éramos ángeles [When we were angels], 2016

Publisher’s summary:

Clara, a young journalist, lives in a village with less than 1,000 inhabitants where she leads a quiet life. She manages the local online newspaper though she aspired to a lot more, and she doesn’t have contact with anybody except for Chabela, the owner of the Las Rosas hostel, where Clara eats, sleeps, and tries to forget the recent death of her husband, drinking at night and running in the mornings.

The appearance of the corpse of Fran Borrego, one of the owners of the lands that surround the village Fuentegrande, makes this apparently quiet life show her a society full of envies, intrigue and incomplete plots that come from a past that she doesn’t know.

While Clara begins an investigation of the death of the local cacique, interviewing different persons that could be involved in his murder, the reader enters a flashback [orig.], set in the 1990s, that shows the real history of each of them, and also the discovery by this group of adolescents of sex, love, wrath, friendship, deception, and vengeance.

The literary TV show Página 2 [Page 2] had an interesting interview with the author [in Spanish with subtitles]. They emphasized the ingredients crime, rural environment, adolescence, and gastronomy.

SOURCE: Seix Barral (publisher); RTVE (Spanish state radio and television)


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