Snippet: Andreu Martín, Gaziel award 2015

De moment, tot va bé - Premi Gaziel de Biografies i Memòries 2015 - ANDREU MARTÍN

Andreu Martín, De moment, tot va bé [Right now, everything’s going fine], 2016, 368 p.

Premi Gaziel de Biografies i Memòries 2015  [Gaziel biography and memories award]

Publisher’s summary:

Andreu Martín, one of Catalunya’s most prolific and most read authors, debuts in one of the few genres that he hadn’t practiced yet: that of memoirs. His memories are impregnated with an ironic and friendly humor, and the lead us from the sparkling Barcelona of the 1920s faced by his father, passing through the oppression of the Franco dictatorship, the debauchery and the following disenchantment of the 1970s, the years of the Transition [to democracy] up to today; and at the same time they present us with an essential reflection on the fact and profession of writing.

Some more information on the author, known to this blogger as crime novel and juvenile literature writer, can be found in the Wikipedia‘s article. Martín has got a personal blog on WordPress and a Twitter account (both in Spanish).

Martín’s novel Societat negra [Black/Crime society] has got good localizations in the Barcelona of a few years ago (cellular phones exist but WhatsApp doesn’t…) and introduces one to a hidden underworld of Chinese criminal organizations, but it is not a “gripping” novel.

According to there exist no English translations of Martín’s books but some French ones.


SOURCE: La Magrana (publisher)


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