Snippet: Roser Rosés, a “girl of Russia”

Trenes Tallades. Record d'una

Roser Rosés, Trenes tallades. Records d’una “nena de Rússia” [The cut braids: memories of a “girl of Russia”], 2016, 199 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Trenes tallades… is the moving story of Roser Rosés’ years of forced exile, a 12 year old girl who in 1938 was sent by her parents to the USSR to protect her from the devastations of the Spanish Civil War, and who returned in 1947 converted into a woman with a sensibility and a formation that were incompatible with Franco’s Spain. It’s the lucid, tender and intense story of a childhood and adolescence marked by wars that took many years before it could be explained.

“There were left behind in the USSR seven and a half years of my life, seven and half years of unimaginable experiences over 12,000 km of displacements and dangerous evacuations that I had to undergo due to the damned war; there were left a part of my childhood and all of my adolescence, in a stay that had become a lot longer than anybody had foreseen, in this immense country. I took with me some studies, some happiness – little – and a lot of misfortune. And the sensation of feeling strong and fortunate to have survived it all.”


SOURCE: Cal·lígraf (publisher)


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