Snippet: a different bookstore in Lisbon

This blogger has been to Lisbon twice so far, but he doesn’t remember to have noticed the existence of any bookstore there… the daily Público put him on the search for “Letters Matters – A bookstore with a taste” (–the grammar’s strange, isn’t it?–)

The newspaper article is hidden behind a paywall but the idea behind the project can be read in a statement by the founder in which he looked for crowd-funding. Pictures from the inauguration in late June 2016 can be found at the blog Breakfast@Tiffany’s.

On Google streetview (pictures from Feb. 2015) one gets the impression that the building is a regular one with apartments, lawyers’ or physicians’ offices, etc. If all bookstores in Lisbon are hidden like this, there is no wonder that the blogger discovered none…

The basic information in case you would like to visit it:


Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 21

1250-096 Lisbon

Tel. +351 211 987 896 – 910 148 128


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