Snippet: with Jané from Cuba to Barcelona

Al caer el sol

Luis Jané, Al caer el sol [At sunset], 2016, 224 p.

Publisher’s summary:

In July 1936, María Mullor, an 18 years old Cuban disembarks in Barcelona at the very outset of the Spanish Civil War. Pregnant from a fiancé who disappeared in mysterious circumstances, she was sent to Spain to give birth and the child into adoption far away from the views of the conservative Cuban society. The vicissitudes of the war disrupt the plan, and after a few months she finds herself alone in the world because her daughter has been abducted by a militiaman. With the help of Víctor Gorría, a private detective hired by her father, she finds out her whereabouts once the war is over, only to lose track of her once again. Her daughter’s fate will remain a raw wound, and only two decades later, once back in her native Cuba, she will find the one whom to give this love held off for years. Mystery, passion, the search for her daughter Blanca and the crossroads of destinies that was the Civil War intertwine in this adventure that is set in the streets of Barcelona and the memories of a Havana inhabited by family ghosts. A story of the heart, narrated masterly , that touches anybody.

The critic Ramon Cap’s opinion: “The story catches the readers until they get to know the emotive outcome, which more than fulfills the expectations of those versed in this genre.”

The author, Luis Jané, is a professor of odontology (sic!) at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). On their website one can read that his first novel “is the fruit of seven long years in which the author delved into the family archive and brought to light old and well-documented stories that, told by his mother, he had thought to be false.”

This blogger will probably abstain from reading it…

SOURCE: Megustaescribir (publisher); “Cultura/s,” La Vanguardia, May 14, 2016, p. 8 [printed edition]; UIC


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