Snippet: Daniel Ruiz García’s “Everything’s fine”

Daniel Ruiz García, Todo está bien [Everything’s fine], 2015

Publisher’s summary:

The perfect conjunction of sex, politics and other excesses in scoundrel Spain.

One night, celebrating an election victory, a regional minister of public works in a good position to lead the [political] party, euphoric and after drinking too much, wants to top off the night by hiring the services of a prostitute. In the haze of next day’s hangover he remembers that he lost his wallet and his mobile phone and that the prostitute must have been a transvestite. The worlds of both of them -that of drug trade, pimping, of a ruined journalist who knows the transvestite, and that of the politician, his party, his PR staff and his family- collide through an unforeseen hazard, and above all because of the intervention by a blogger who wants to achieve a piece of impacting news in the social networks.


You can find more information on the author, screenwriter and PR specialist Daniel Ruiz García (Sevilla, 1976) on his website or in the Wikipedia article (both in Spanish only). This blogger discovered him through the TV program “Página 2” by RTVE [Spanish state television] and might read the book some day.

SOURCE: Planeta (publisher)


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