Snippet: Anna Carreras’ “French shadows”

Portada llibre Ombres franceses, el cep i la nansa, la cram

Anna Carreras, Ombres franceses [French shadows], 2016, 118 p.

Publisher’s summary:

Young Juliette Lavelle’s life passes peacefully between her Montmartre apartment and the classes at Sorbonne university where she studies Eastern art and literature. Between the infuriating dialogues with her professor, the dazzle she feels for a crazy poet, and the phone conversations with her psychoanalyst, Juliette writes a short story to compete for the Epimenides prize of Logical Paradoxes.

The plot is no other than that of a story that is submitted for a prize and then wins it unanimously. All the characters in this choral work that develops as it unfolds have a shadow upon them. Everybody watches everybody else.

Nothing is what is seems. Everything has got a double face, a false bottom and two viewpoints. Nothing white or black: that which triumphs here is a scale of greys beneath the pink sky of a Paris sunset. An ingeniously brilliant woman, an obtuse professor with a recurring psoriasis, a trickster and womanizing poet, a well-matched jury, a semi-crazy psychoanalyst, and some essential supporting actors shape this aparently quiet nouvelle that transforms into a thriller where the living and the dead form part of the same game of chess.

Anna Carreras i Aubets (Barcelona, 1977). Author of the novels Camisa de foc [Shirt of fire; 2008], Tot serà blanc [Everything will be white; Alexandre Ballester prize 2008], and Unes ales cap a on [Wings where to; 2011], she now translates novels and writes poetic articles that are published weekly by the press. Of her essay work there stand out El cervell i les venes [The brain and the veins; 2005] and Altaió i Vinyoli in “Santa Follia de Sèr Càntic” [Holy Madness of Being Chant; 2014], centered on the poetics of postmodernism.


SOURCE: El cep i la nansa (publisher)


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