Snippet: Fall 2016 publications in Catalan

As the summer holidays come to an end, publishers in Spain present their new books for the fall. Massot writes they do it a little earlier than usual this year, with several titles on August 31, due to the fact that the Setmana del llibre en català [Catalan book week], with all kinds of promotional activities for books written in Catalan, will take place earlier than in other years, September 2 to 11.

Massot mentions the following titles (alphabetical order by the blogger):

Josep Maria ARGEMÍ, El somni de William Blake [William Blake’s dream] – on visionaries and hallucinated persons from history…

Rosa Maria ARQUIMBAU, ed. by Julià Guillamon, Cor lleuger i altres narracions de l’era del flirt [Light heart and other narrations of the flirtation era] – short stories and a play – and the novel Quaranta anys perduts [40 years lost].

Prudenci BERTRANA, L’hereu [The heir], the first novel of an autobiographic trilogy; also an 800 pages book with his complete short stories.

Natalia CARRERO, Jo mateixa, suposo [I myself, I suppose] – a woman in crisis who survives as a writer…

Jordi COCA, Califòrnia [California]

Johan CRUYFF, autobiography, published world-wide on Oct. 15.

Ferran GARCÍA, Recorda que morirás [Remember that you will die] – a first novel.

Carles HAC MOR, Escriptures alçurades [Rebellious writings] – an essay.

Jordi LARA, Mística conilla [Mystic rabbit] – short stories.

Joan-Lluís LLUÍS, El navegant [The navigator] – a young man in the 19th century with a special gift that brings him to the Paris commune and the French colonies…

Víctor NUBLA, Les investigacions del cap Pendergast [Chief Pendergast’s investigations] – five cases around a Canadian Mounted Police agent.

Marta ORRIOLS, Anatomia de les distàncies curtes [Anatomy of the short distances] – short stories.

Carme RIERA, Les darreres paraules [The last words] – the archduke Louis Salvador of Austria’s fictionalized memories (an interesting character who lived on Mallorca)…

Albert ROIG, Gos [Dog] – a book centered on Rilke.

Ferran SÁEZ MATEU, La nit contra tu [The night against you] – set in the 1980s, pre-Olympic Barcelona, where strange, supernatural things happen…

Gemma SARDÀ, La veu del Cyrano [Cyrano’s voice] – how the wife and daughter live after the sudden death of a great actor and dubbing voice, a first novel.

Ramon SOLSONA, Allò que va passar a Cardós [What happened in Cardós] – a plot around the building of a hydroelectric power plant in the 1960s (still operative today)…

Matthew TREE, De fora vingueren [They came from outside] – African immigration as the background, by a British author writing in Catalan.

VARIOUS authors, Gira Barcelona [Barcelona turns] – Barcelona from 4 a.m. to 4 a.m., 24 hours divided among twelve authors, comes in a pack with a reissue of Luis ROMERO, La noria [The wheel], the Barcelona version of Schnitzler’s La Ronde: A Play.

Emili VILANOVA, ed. by Enric Cassany, Escenes barcelonines [Barcelona scenes] – texts set in Barcelona.

Antoni VIVES, Passió, mort i resurrecció de Manel García [Passion, death and resurrection of M.G.] – muddy: murders and the Barcelona that doesn’t show on the surface…


This blogger will try to present some of the titles that interest him in individual posts.

SOURCE: Josep Massot, La Vanguardia, August 27, 2016, p. 30 f. [printed edition]

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